"I would like to say how happy I am with my purchase of one of your TRAPS for the eradication of the Indian Myna birds…. I have eradicated nine birds as of today… I am sold on the advantages of this wonderful trap. Thanks again for such a great invention."
Councillor John Griffiths, Baulkham Hills Council

"Just letting you know the success that we, at Port Stephens Council, have had recently with the Myna X Trap. Three individual people have trialed the trap and the following are the results we have obtained: Person 1: 14 birds Person 2: 16 birds Person 3: 25 birds. This is a fantastic result! Very successful and yes, it really does work!"
Sara Kennedy. Trainee Environmental Health Officer. Port Stephens Council

" Hi Garry. We have moved house and I plan to re commence trapping at our town house in Castle Hill this winter. During last winter - early spring I trapped and killed 71 birds - all Mynas but for one Starling. I support Peter Hughes from Hornsby 100% - your trap really works "provided the user follows your advice etc.," If a trapper won't accept your advice and guidance when using your trap and you think I can help, call me , provide their number and I'll call them for you. Regards,"
Col, Castle Hill NSW

"Garry, Just to let you know I'm over the moon. Had a slow start till I got the food right. 4 nights for 1, 3, 4, and now 5. Breaking out the bubbly to night. Thanks"
A.W., Vaucluse NSW

"Garry, Wanted you to know I have now caught 31 Indian Mynas in my backyard. Some of my friends shudder and say they could not dispose of them. My response is I don't enjoy it but I do enjoy the native birds I now have."
B.D., Richmond NSW

"Garry, Borrowed a friends "MynaX' and caught 29 this week. There are still more to get. A very efficient trap. Keep up the good work."
A.N., Coopers Plains Qld

"We caught seven on day one and three on day two. Native birds appeared on day three. It really works! I am now lending my trap to a friend"
Geraldine, Baulkham Hills NSW

"Congratulations, the MynaX Indian Myna Trap is a credit to you. This ingenious devious device is so successful in outsmarting those devilish cunning creatures that it has entrapped Indian Mynas each day I have set it. No other birds have gone near the trap except those bold, thieving Indian Mynas."
Phillip, Central Coast

"I caught 38 in 10 days now I have native birds in my yard for the first time in five years"
Mrs N., North Rocks NSW

"We have caught and euthanized 8 mynas in 3 days. Thank you for your trap our native birds are already coming back"
BA, Belgrave Vic

"You’re doing so much for our native birdlife!!!!!  It’s so lovely to see our resident parrots and rosellas not being harassed by the IM’s We have another one in the cage now.  That’s 30 caught.. Keep up the excellent work!"
MJS, Dural NSW

"I purchased a 'Myna X' from you a few months ago and have been sending birds to myna heaven on a reqular basis ever since thanks to you and your trap. Highest number caught in a day so far is twelve. Yesterday I caught eight more. Thank you."
KV Seaford, Victoria

"Bought one of your Myna X traps last year thinking I'd be lucky to catch anything. At the present time have caught and culled over 200 Indian Mynas from my backyard alone. The traps work and they work a treat. Would only be too happy to recommend your product to anyone that should enquire."
Peter H, Hornsby
Note: Email Garry if you would like to talk to Peter - he is happy to endorse his testimonial personally.

"The trap arrived in good condition, and it was about two days later that I put it in the back yard.
18/4/08 Dog food.....nothing.......getting worried..........only pigeons walk past.....what's wrong ?
19/4/08 Dog food.....nothing.......then thought dogs around here, and we all fed the birds on bread.
20/4/08 BINGO.......5 Mynas...........put some WET bread inside and then a feeding frenzy
21/4/08 BINGO ......4 Mynas...........put more WET bread and another feeding frenzy.....there's now four birds left...... So our birds LIKE WET bread.
Well done Garry. You are a genius. Absolutely delighted with the results.
JT Mentone, Victoria

"...I trialed your trap for Blacktown Council and it was by far the most successful. In fact it was the only council supplied trap that caught any. 16 birds in about 8 days."
JS, Blacktown