Paper Wasp Nest Removal

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DISCLAIMER!!!!!!! We are not pest control professionals. This is a total amateur job. Keep that in mind as you view the video. Also, for some reason the not so neat application of duct tape really gets under people’s skin so before you curse me out for my improper use of duct tape try applying it yourself with leather gloves on and a hood on your head.

We got a call to get some bees out of a wall in a second story room and when we got there we found that they were wasps. Since we have the protective gear and they couldn’t get a pest control company to show up on short notice I agreed to go ahead and get them out. I thought a bug bomb would do the job but it had little effect. We did what some consider a very rough removal of the wasps and left an empty wall and happy people.

I do have the proper equipment to deal with a hive like this but I was curious if I could get it out in one piece and without dust all over it. Below are our Amazon affiliate links to the proper chemical and applicator to do this job like a pro.

Pest control bulb duster

Delta Dust

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