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Meet the "Indian Myna Man"

Garry Cunich is committed to the eradication of Indian Mynas (and Starlings) His message urging the eradication of these pests to save our native birds and marsupials has been heard across Australia on the Charles Wooley show, the John Laws show, VEGA Radio, ABC Radio plus the Graham Ross Garden show. He has also appeared on ABC News and Landline. Garry and his "MynaX" trap featured in the Sunday programe on TCN on 30th March 2008.

His message has appeared in print in numerous local papers and newsletters.
He urges every Australian to join the eradication program which humanely traps and destroys these pests.

Gary is open in his admiration for these birds which are highly intelligent and organized. They are loyal to their mates (mating for life) and to their flock. They are very efficient in promoting the survival of their breed.

He is also vocal in his dislike of how they achieve this. Taking over territories and hollows needed desperately by our native birds and marsupials to live and breed. Throwing our native young and their eggs to the ground and killing / destroying them. (See Environmental Disaster Report).

Refurbishing our country and gardens with Australian Birds and Marsupials

The "MynaX" Indian Myna/Starling trap is the only trap supported by the "Indian Myna Eradication Program" Do not be fooled by others who add the words "Indian Myna Eradication Trap" to their traps description. They are not supported by the "Indian Myna Eradication Program".

I have had reports of people accepting speaking engagements and claiming to be from the "Indian Myna Eradication Program". Please note that Garry Cunich is the only person who speaks publicly on behalf of this program.